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How We Met: Enda Walsh & Cillian Murphy – The Independent


Cillian Murphy, 38 Following his stage debut in Enda Walsh’s play ‘Disco Pigs’, about the dysfunctional relationship between two Cork teenagers, in 1996, Murphy (right in picture) found fame with the post-apocalyptic zombie film ’28 Days Later’ in 2002. He…

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Enda Walsh: ‘Pure theatre animal’ explores solitude and the void below

Enda Walsh, playwright and screenwriter, at London's National Theatre

The Irish playwright-director, Enda Walsh, would seem to have the world at his feet. His latest play, Ballyturk, was acclaimed in Galway this summer and opened at the Lyttelton on Tuesday with a star cast comprising Cillian Murphy, Mikel Murfi…

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“A woman said my play was terrifing but that i was a lovely boy” Enda Walsh – The Times

Benedict Nightingale speaks to Enda Wash in The Times ahead of the London opening of Ballyturk at the National Theatre. Click here to read the full article.

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Ballyturk to take Dublin and Cork audiences by storm – Irish Examiner

As Ballyturk is readied for Dublin and Cork, Enda Walsh is already thinking about his next play, writes Alan O’Riordan. SINCE opening at the Galway Arts Festival last month, Enda Walsh’s new play, Ballyturk, has been greeted with the customary…

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Cillian Murphy returns to the stage – Evening Standard

Cillian Murphy hates spoilers. The clue is in the word, says the 38-year-old actor: to spoil something is to ruin it, and why would you want to ruin someone’s entertainment? So we are at a slight loss, he and I,…

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The Act of Cillian – RTE Guide

Donal O’Donoghue interviews Cillian Murphy for the RTE Guide. Click here to read the full interview.  

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Enda Walsh and Cillian Murphy on Arena

Enda Walsh and Cillian Murphy join Sean Rocks on Arena on Monday 14th July on the opening night of Ballyturk at the Black Box Theatre in Galway. You can listen in here.

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Welcome to Ballyturk: darkness, stress and a joker in the pack – The Irish Times


Enda Walsh’s intense new play brings together an all-star cast of Cillian Murphy, Stephen Rea and Mikel Murfi. Are they looking forward to being put under ‘tremendous strain’ by Walsh? A new play by Enda Walsh is bound to cause a stir…

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Double Act: Cillian Murphy and good friend Enda Walsh discuss art, film, theatre and fame – Irish Independent


Enda Walsh poses the questions as he interviews Cillian Murphy in the Irish Independent.  Click here to read the full interview. Moderated by Darragh McManus for Irish Independent Weekend 28.06.14

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Cillian Muphy happier on stage than chasing stardom – Irish Examiner

IMG_1149feature imaged

He has made it big in film and on TV but Cillian Murphy is happier on stage than chasing stardom. Now he’s set to return to where it all began, writes Alan O’Riordan. IN A world where every possible career…

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